We are… A Cultural and creative company, activating in Kythera, in Greece and wherever there are people. Our team, “Porphyris”, was established in 2001 and rapidly displayed a successful course. “Porphyris” managed, through several meetings in Kythera, in Athens and in Peiraeus, to express the Youth of Kythera and many other friends. We hope that soon there will be meetings and in other places. The action of “Porphyris” is spreading to all the corners of the Earth, through the Internet website (http://www.porphyris.com) and its aim is to bring in touch, in open communication all our friends from Australia, America and other places of the Earth.Porphyris” has about 1000 friends in Greece and many others in every corner of the Earth who are informed of its activities and they receive, for free, the magazine which is being published.

We expect…

To bring closer all the young people and to promote their new activities.

We are being activated…

In Kythera as well as in Athens, organizing cultural activities such as exhibitions, seminars, festivals, parties and theatrical performances. All these activities are being every move.

We are working with…

Organizations of noble aims such as the Greek shelter of Wild Animals, The Youth Club Against Cancer- B1ofUs, the General Youth Secretariat, the Municipality of Kythera and, of course, the Kytherian Unions. We are dreaming…

  • With the help of our friends
  • With the ability of our initiatives
  • With the respect of everyone who get to know us… at the dawn of the 21st century, to lead a new creative Youth without borders.


In the early May 2001, the Union of Kytherian Youth – PORPHYRIS” was establishedThis union has the intention to contribute to:

  1. The propulsion of the intellectual, artistic and cultural activity of the young people in Kythera and in the society in general.
  2. The conservation of the cultural and intellectual heritage of Kythera and the development and spread of art, history and cultural in general.
  3. The promotion of communication among the youth and the cultivation of friendly intercourse between Greeks and other nationalities.
  4. The contact, collaboration and the intervention in several factors, state or private, in Greece or abroad for the success of these intentions.

We inform you that the direct intention is the spreading of the union all over the Kytherian youth and of course the support of this attempt from all the factors. We believe that, we, the young, have the obligation to offer important things to our island and the society. The prospect for the young and us is a future creative and secure. For this purpose we invite all of you to help our attempt and contribute to the success. We think that the young need this kind of movements, because they put emphasis on collectivity, which is on the decline in general.

With conscience “Porphyris” —————————— LIVADI 80100 KYTHERA, GREECE ΤEL /FAX: +30 27360.37212 EMAIL: info@porphyris.com

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